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The Reasons Why Family Is Important in Life

Some of us may actually think that it’s a lot better to stay single for the rest of your life. For most of these folks, they have this idea that having a family entails a lot of responsibilities that can easily translate to a loss in some individual freedoms. What they don’t realize is that without the family to begin with, they wouldn’t be here on this planet and enjoying all the things they do today. The family is where life begins and ends. Here are some of the reasons why family is important in life.

  • Creates a nurturing environment for a child 

The life of a child begins with a loving family. Here, the family serves as the master artist that helps mold the young child to become a fully functioning member of a greater society. The family is what gives a child the kind of safe and nurturing environment that kids need for them to develop their full potential. Since children, especially babies, are dependent on adults for survival, having a family take care of children’s need for food, shelter, clothing, recreation, and healthcare among others can help ensure their survival. Technically, without the family we won’t be here today.

  • Provides care, love, and affection

While it is expected that family members will show love, care, and affection to the youngest members of the household, these needs are essentially provided to each member of the family. We all know that man is a social animal and that we simply cannot live without having a significant interaction with other people around us. We have this inherent need to feel loved and cared for, lest we regress, feel anxious or get depressed which can ultimately affect the other aspects of our lives.

  • Supports optimum growth and development 

The family is like a self-replenishing fuel. It motivates us to do our best, to excel in our chosen fields so that we can realize our being. They are there to support us, cheer us on so we’ll be more successful in life. And if things don’t go our way, the family will still be there, consoling us, comforting us, and nudging us to try even harder. It is through their persistence and perseverance that we reach our optimum growth and development.

  • Shields us from harmful influences 

Everyone knows that substance addiction is one most prevalent social disorder today. Studies show that majority of those individuals who use illicit substances and get addicted to these have, in one way or another, had problems with their families. Either they felt pressured in the performance of their roles or they were simply not given enough love and care that they often feel they have been neglected. Drugs or any other illicit substance have been their way of addressing these concerns, temporarily shielding them from emotional turmoil. While the family is one of the reasons people today turn to drugs, having a family that is nurturing and ever-supportive can also help shield its members from any harmful external influences.


These are just some of the many reasons why the family is important in life. You may have a different reason. However, the point that we have to remember is that we owe our existence to our family.