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Read These Tips to Learn How You Could Transform Your Home

WallpaperDo you want a home that looks like it belongs to one of those home décor magazines, but without the money to hire a top interior decorator to do all the work? Don’t despair, because there are ways to upstyle your home to make it look luxurious and stylish without breaking your bank. After all, most of these expensive pieces might have similar but way cheaper versions, and you will not have to redo everything to make it look new and different.

By buying smart, you can end up with timeless and high-value looking pieces that will make everything else look more expensive and luxurious. They also become highlights of the home, drawing the guests’ eyes to them and making it look interesting.

Here are some other easy tips to transform your home.

  1. Go for Statement Furniture

Even a trip to the thrift store can already land you a gem of a couch, for example. You do not actually need to spend a lot of money on your statement furniture, as price does not dictate the beauty of the piece. Choose to update the biggest pieces of furniture in your home because they are always the ones easily seen. This means a beautiful dining table in a timeless design will impact the whole look of the room more than just a couple of new side tables.

  1. Use an Accent Well

You can also choose to transform your place using smaller pieces, so you buy interesting pillowcases and a rug. They can liven up a dull gray couch or flooring, adding splashes of color in what might be an otherwise boring part of the home.

  1. Get a Good Paint Job


A painted wall can truly change a room, making it look bigger or smaller, highlighting specific parts, or simply become anything else than just plain white. There are many different techniques to use paint to deliver an intended illusion, so it is best to consult with an expert to end up with the exact look you want.

  1. Use Textures to Your Advantage

If you do not want a simple painted wall, you can opt for a different approach too. Wallpapers are colorful, but they have different designs and most have different textures that add a dramatic look to your room. Of course, you would need the help of wallpaper hangers Newport Beach to install more complicated wallpapers to create the look you wanted.

Textures can also be used in other parts of the room. You can opt for shaggy rugs, fluffy pillows, and 3D wall decors as a sample of how you can cheaply redesign your room.

  1. Avoid Being Matchy

Matching items all over the home makes it look boring. On the other hand, a room with a few unique pieces will look like it jumps out and looks super interesting. To achieve this, collect different items that may very well be your conversation pieces. They just need to somehow blend with each other and do not choose very strong colors that might simply clash with each other.

There are many ways to transform your home to make it look like it belongs in a magazine. The great news is, this is entirely possible even without shelling out a lot of money on it, or on an interior designer. Moreover, you will not need to throw everything out and start with a blank canvas. You can keep your plain and otherwise boring looking couch and make it look new by draping a colorful fleece blanket on top or adding big pillows. By simply buying pieces one by one and putting them slowly together, you can sneakily create a whole new look for your house.