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Close Up Magicians – Most Popular Magicians!

MagicianSocial events are always a joy to be in. There’s usually lots of food, drinks, and people to mingle with. But not all events are lively. There are times when the music isn’t nice, the decors aren’t appropriate, or it can simply be because people haven’t started talking to each other. When this happens, your social event might end up being boring or as a worst-case scenario, an event where people walk out from.

So how do you avoid having a party that’s dull and boring? Well, one of the ways is to hire a close-up magician. If you don’t know what that is, a close-up magician is someone who performs magic tricks on a table using small objects. They are also called table magicians simply because they do their tricks on a table. There are no add-ons or fancy preparations. All they need is a table and their little items and they can make you wonder how in the world did those tricks happened.

The most common object to be used is a deck of cards. Magicians who use cards perform tricks through cardistry. Cardistry is the art of card flourishing. It is when magicians use both speed and hand manipulations to do tricks. You have probably experienced this from a friend who asked to pick a number and they would guess what number it would be. Have you noticed your amazement after the trick? This is precisely the reaction close-up magicians aim for during social gatherings.

If you’re worried about not having enough life during a party, then you should hire a close-up magician. They can be the ones to break the ice when things start to go awkward or all too quiet. You don’t have to feel bad about hiring outside help to make your party fun. In fact, this is absolutely normal because you can’t expect everyone to be a social butterfly who wouldn’t mind talking to people they don’t know.

Close-up magicians can help you make people feel at ease with themselves and with other attendees by capturing their interest and curiosity. To add to that, they are very versatile. They don’t only provide entertainment during parties, but they can also perform in corporate events and receptions. Of course, this depends on how good your close-up magician is.

One of the most famous close-up magicians in the world is Nick Reade. He has been in the industry for almost 20 years now and has gone all around the world performing tricks. Some of the places he’s been to are France, Portugal, England, USA, and even Malaysia, and in all of these places, he has never failed to wow the crowd.

Nick Reade is the best close-up magician London has ever had. In a span of 2 hours, he would have already met and entertained around 120 people at your party. He uses a wide variety of tricks and he engages audiences in such a way that they end up laughing and more engaged in conversation with other people.

Aside from those, what makes Nick Reade different from other close-up magicians is that he is an “all-in-one” package. He’s great at performing tricks and at the same time, he can adjust to people from different age groups. A common misconception about magic tricks is that only children get amazed by it. This is definitely wrong because Nick Reade has proven that even people at the age of 60 can be amazed at a simple disappearing object.

In planning your event, it is important that you consider entertainment that will engage people and not just let them stay in their seats. In that way, you can ensure that your party would be more lively and enjoyable.