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How to Choose Your Wedding Magician

A wedding magician has the power to turn your wedding into a magical event or a horrible one. The trick is finding the right performer for your special day. If you are not careful in your selection, your guests might recoil in horror rather than gasp in wonder.  You might also get some tongue lashing from parents if the magician is fond of making rude jokes and inappropriate innuendos during the show.

To avoid such public disasters from happening, you need to interview the entertainer first and verify his or her credentials. It will involve some work on your part but it’s better to do the legwork before regretting it at the wedding. We have prepared a guide on how to choose your wedding magician who will keep your guests entertained and happy. The list can help you make a reasonable decision.

Things you should look for in a wedding magician:

  1. Experience

A magician who performs in many wedding events is an assurance that he or she knows how to keep the audience in awe. You also need to ask if the person is a full-time or part-time wedding magician.

  1. Testimonials

Successful performers will have no problem getting a glowing testimonial from their clients. Be sure to ask for at least one testimonial from previous clients and contact them to verify. The popularity of the magician and the repeat booking he or she gets are positive signs.

  1. A Photo is worth a thousand words

A photo or video featuring the magician’s performance during the wedding tells a lot about their performance. Ask the magician if you can get at least a picture of their previous show. Once you get hold of one, examine how the audience reacts to the show. If they look awed and happy, you got your wedding magician. But if they are bored, indifferent or possibly embarrassed, better look for another one.

  1. What kind of magic does the magician perform?

Every magician has his or her own style and kind of magic tricks up their sleeves. Some would require a table and lots of props while others will do tricks on the fly. Ask your prospect the kind of tricks you can see at the wedding to avoid embarrassing surprises. You could probably choose a selection of tricks to perform if the magician has an arsenal of them.

You also have to consider if the magician will perform before an all adult audience or if there are children mixed in. To be on the safe side choose a performer who has no problem performing in front of a mixed crowd. Another thing to consider is if the magician will perform for the newlyweds or will only stick around long enough for the wedding photos. These performers are usually paid by the hour so you need to have a clear understanding on the duration of their stay.

  1. Dress code for the wedding magician

As performers, they have their own style and manner of dressing. The magician could come to the event in a formal suit or a simple T-shirt and faded jeans. But there are cases that the performer will need to dress up or dress down depending on the kind of wedding and the venue.

Getting the right magician to perform in your wedding will require a little effort but it’s worth it. It’s highly recommended to interview the magician first and see if he or she is the right one for your wedding. Experience, testimonials, and pictures of their performance during weddings are primary considerations in getting the right wedding magician. You should also discuss the kind of tricks the performer will do during the wedding.