Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thought for the Day - The Five!

Ever wonder WHO?
  •  they are?
  •  said that?
  •  "She" is?
Ever wonder WHAT?
  •  causes people to want to blame
  •  causes people to think they are always right
  •  causes people to throw away friendships like used tissues
Ever wonder WHERE?
  • their brains are?
  • their heart is?
  • their future will take them?
Every wonder WHY?
  • they feel the need to jump on a bandwagon
  • they feel the need to belittle
  • they think it is fine to tell the world their lie
Ever wonder HOW?
  • people feel the victim and lose sight that they are the villain
  • a  friend can be thrown away for $100 you think they have not paid
  • a person gets a thought in their mind and it drives them crazy until they have lost so much because of their obsession and then they find out they were wrong


  1. I have always wondered who "they" are! "They" are experts on EVERYTHING!! But who decided who "they" are?

  2. Love your list. Made me think about so many things! Made me wonder why!!

  3. Ha! Love this list... I agree with Ckrusch, it really made me think about who and why??? HA!

  4. This is food for thought! Good things to ponder about!

  5. You just cracked me up. I always wonder who "they" are.....I don;t think we'll ever know.

  6. I like the "wonder what". What causes people to think the way to do. I love this post.

  7. I've definitely wondered why people think they're right all the time. What's up with that?

  8. Interesting who exactly They are a lot.

  9. I wonder these things a lot. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't.

  10. The "throwing away friendships like used tissues" always bothered me too. I've seen too many people turn their backs on life long friends because of something petty and stupid.

  11. Great list of questions. Many I have asked myself. I am not really sure which one touches me the most. I think the one about blame.

  12. I love your list. I have wondered them from time to time

  13. interesting post! Makes you stop and think!

  14. i decided today that *I* am THEY. that's probably how arbitrary "they' are picked!

  15. I think about this every day. Ultimately, I feel, despite 'their' actions and selfishness, we are not separate from 'them'. We are being challenged to step up, step forward, and speak. Loudly :)

  16. I really love this list. Especially the villian and victim one. Reminds me of my dad