Friday, May 11, 2012

Cole Reunion #4

Well ..... my family loves Aquariums!  We are kind-of fish nuts! 
This sounds like a really unique place ...that I am sure my bunch 
will want to visit.

Check out this attraction in Gatlinburg! 

Check it out

Ripley’s® Aquarium of the Smokies® is literally teaming with life –  10,000 exotic sea creatures are comprised of more than 
350 individual species.

Penguin Tunnel....


Check this out! 

You can have a sleep over at the Shark's home!  CRAZY! FUN!

Do sharks sleep?  After a fun-filled night including a dive show, scavenger hunt, and late night activity, drift off to sleep while sharks keep a watchful eye on you.

Sample Sleepover Schedule

  • 8:00pm — Check-In
  • 8:15pm — Welcome and Warm-Up Game
  • 8:45pm — Dive Show
  • 9:15pm — Late Night Activity
  • 10:15pm — Pizza Snack
  • 10:45pm — Scavenger Hunt and Aquarium Self-Guided Tour
  • 11:45pm — Set Up Camp in Shark Lagoon
  • 12:00am — Lights Out
  • 7:00am — Wake Up
  • 7:45am — Continental Breakfast
  • 8:15am — Creature Feature
  • 8:45am — See You Again Soon!
Make sure to visit the will be amazed at all of the programs offered at 
Ripley's Aquarium!

You can buy tickets on-line .... plus they offer group rates!
We can even buy our tickets right at the service desk at the Clarion!  
No hassle!

To check out their website......... click on 

Ribley Aquariums in Gatlinburg ....... here comes the Cole's in 2013!

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