Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crock Pot Corn Beef & Reuben Sandwiches

I know St. Patty's Day is the official day for Corn Beef...but I wanted to share with you another one of my Crock Pot special meals!
Crock Pot Corn Beef and George Foreman Reubens

Ingredients needed:
*Purchase a good size Corn Beef in the package...we love Nathan's Corn Beef 
*1 Jar of Saurkraut - we use Nathan's Sauerkraut
*Bread - which every type you like
*Swiss Cheese
*Thousand Island Dressing

Place the corn beef in the crock up the seasoning package that comes with the corn beef ..sprinkle the seasoning on the beef
Fill the bag the corn beef came in 1/6 the way with water - then add the water to the crock pot.
Turn the crock pot on High
Let the corn beef cook on high for about 6 hours - then turn on low until ready to serve.
When your Corn Beef is finished cooking....get everything set up to make your Reubens.
Bread:We use a variety of bread: Pumpernickle - Marble Rye - Light Rye - Dark Rye..really whatever bread you like works great
Sauerkraut: Open the jar and have it ready to spoon on your sandwiches - we love Nathan's kraut!
Dressing: Thousand Island  store bought or handmade
Cheese: Good Baby Swiss Cheese ..... any Swiss cheese will work
Corn Beef:  Slice your cooked corn beef..some times it will fall worries ... still taste fantastic
We make ours on our George Foreman works fantastic for making grilled sandwiches.  You can also make your Reuben on the stove or us a panetta pan.
Start building your master piece of a sandwich!
Lightly butter your bread - very lightly
Place your bread on the heated grill
Place slice of Swiss Cheese
Corn Beef
Another slice of Swiss Cheese
Spread Thousand Island on Bread off sandwich with the piece of Thousand Island Bread!
Grill till bread is nice and crispy!
Finished .....Serve!

Everyone in my family loves these! I make them to order!   I don't like Thousand Island dressing so I make mine with no dressing.  If you don't like Swiss cheese add another kind of cheese!  Always make it the way you like it!
These make a great meal....serve with cottage cheese and fresh veggies or chips! 
My! My! they are good!  



  1. I have never had corned beef or a reuben before!

  2. Super yummy! It's even better when you add beer instead of water.

  3. This looks, and sounds really delicious!

  4. this looks great, my husband would love this recipe!

  5. This looks so yummy! going to have to give it a try.