Thursday, December 22, 2011

Science Diet Review

We were so excited when we were chosen to do a review for

Science Diet Dog Food.

Hill's Science Diet® 
As you know we are DOG lovers! 

Dozer & King ...... Harley & Maggie!

I can't forget their friend Boomer.

It is extremely important to us to ensure that the dogs have the proper diet.  They had never tried Science Diet. We have been a Purina family.

Science Diet prides themselves on being a well balanced meal for dogs. I took our bag and their bag and compared ingredients! WOW! Huge difference!
Science Diet was more nourishing.

Dozer was the tester of Science Diet!
He loved it!  

A really nice thing is that Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance... has teamed up 
Pet MD 
to help dog owners make better food choices for their dogs.

Check out their website  ...... very useful items to ensure your dog is receiving the highest quality care.

Vet's #1 Choice for their Own Pets™
Being the #1 Choice of Vet's is very important to us! We never knew that before this review!  

Happy Holidays

from the

The DeDa Studios Family

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  1. What a gorgeous dog! Happy Holidays to you too :)