Thursday, October 13, 2011

Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Products

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

These gentle formulas are clinically proven to cleanse and moisturize sensitive skin without causing redness or irritation. Softening Cotton Extract helps skin replenish its outer layer, shielding it from potential irritants such as harsh soaps or cleansers, so your sensitive skin will look and feel beautiful, naturally.

I was one of the lucky Bzz Agents chosen to do a review on
Burt's Bees Sensitive products.

When I completed my survey clicking every answer that said Sensitive.....I was still a little concerned that maybe their products would not be sensitive enough for my skin.

When the box arrived .... I received a full size of the
Sensitive Facial Cleanser 
Sensitive Daily Moisturizer.

Whenever I use a new product...I am always a little leery because I have super sensitive skin.  So when I got ready to wash my face for bed -
I gave it a try.
Knowing that I would have about 8 hours for my skin to recover
if it did not work.

I could not believe how fresh and clean my face felt. 
I had no skin reaction to the products! 
The cleanser and moisturizer made my face feel fresh, clean, soft, and
just all-round nice.

The next morning I washed my face again with the Sensitive Facial Cleanser and applied the Sensitive Daily skin felt great.

I have been using the products for over a skin looks great and feels wonderful!  NO reaction!
I wear very little fresh looking and feeling skin is extremely important to me!

Since it worked so well for me...I took the products to my Mom's.....she too had no reaction and her skin felt great.  She went to Walgreen's and bought herself both the Sensitive Facial Cleanser and the Sensitive Daily Moisturizer....using one of the $1.00 off coupons I received!

When the products arrived I also received samples of the
Sensitive Daily Moisturizer
I posted on Facebook and mailed the samples to 5 Lucky Winners! I mailed one sample to my 79 year old Nana.  She too has extremely sensitive skin.  I thought if it worked for me & my Mom ..... she should give it a try.
She too was extremely happy with the product! She told me yesterday that she also went to Walgreen's and bought herself some of their products!

So.....3 generations of women with extremely sensitive skin love the
Burt's Bee products!

We highly recommend Burt's Bees  Sensitive Skin products......give then a try!

When you are at their website check out the Sensitive Skin Guide
There’s more to sensitive skin than redness and irritation. Learn about what causes sensitive skin and how to care for it.

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I would like to Thank ...... Bzz Agent and Burt's Bee for giving me the opportunity to review the fantastic Sensitive Burt's Bees products. 

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