Saturday, August 29, 2015

Downy Ball

The easy way to soften your clothes. Use a Downy Ball ~ super easy to use.

Fill your Downy Ball with Downy Fabric Softener. Add to the fill line then toss into your washer. 

You are done! Soft great smelling clothes every wash!!!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


There is no argument that children are inquisitive- especially when the door bell rings. However, most kids can’t see through a standard peephole and will often just open the door to an unknown visitor putting themselves and the home in danger. With the PHVMac digital peephole viewer from Brinno, anyone can easily see who is at the door and the motion-activated camera will snap a short video of guests even when the resident is not home.

Great features of the PHVMAC include:

Affordable security surveillance for any home or apartment
Motion activated video camera
Discreet- looks like a standard peephole from the front
LCD screen which shows the image and video being captured
Battery life of up to 6 months
Video Visitor Log that stores images and videos into a Micro SD card.

The Brinno PHVMAC is recommended for everyone, especially parents. Parents can benefit from this product as a safety precaution for their children and will no longer have to feel the danger of their children opening doors to strangers. This device also adds additional surveillance to homeowners who are not at home in the event of a burglary.

Monday, August 24, 2015

I love personalized gifts!!!

Is someone in your life having a special occasion in the near future that will require you to buy a gift for them? If this is the case, you will need to get to work on your shopping very soon. The Internet has made shopping for just about any product known to man very easy.
Even though shopping online can be done from the comfort of your own home, you still need to be aware of various details. All online stores do not have the same policies. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the customer to read all of the information on the website before making a purchase. Here are some things to consider when buying gifts online.

What is the return policy of the website?
When you are buying an item on the Internet that you will not be able to see and hold until it arrives, it is imperative that the website allow returns to be made with no questions asked. Reputable websites such as Gifts for You Now clearly state their return policy. You can find out more about them at If the return policy is nowhere to be found on the site, or if it is written in very vague language, you need to consider doing your gift shopping on a different site. With all of the websites selling gifts nowadays, it will not be difficult to find a site with a return policy that is written in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

What are the shipping fees?
This is an issue that many people inexplicably pay no attention to. They are only concerned with the price of the item they are buying, not the cost they will pay to have it shipped to them. Unfortunately, many websites take advantage of the ignorance of the general public. They do this by charging ridiculously high rates for shipping. This is why you need to examine how much the item your are ordering weighs, then compare it to the method by which the website will be shipping it to you. If the price they are charging you seems unfair, find a different site which offers a better rate. There are many sites that offer free shipping nowadays. However, in order to qualify for the free shipping, the total cost of your purchases must be over a specified amount. It some cases, spending a few extra dollars is worth it to avoid the shipping fees.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Impact of Disposable Bags on the Oceans

The next time you go to the store and forget to take your reusable bags, it might not seem like a big deal to use plastic one-use bags “just this one time.” But it may have more of an impact than you think. In fact, every one-use bag that is used promotes the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. In addition to oil, bags have a huge impact on the world’s beaches. Scientists have surmised that there is nearly 250,000 tons of waste that currently is floating in the oceans. How much of it includes grocery bags? Unfortunately, quite a bit of it does. One way to visualize the massive amount is to imagine the coastline as it appears around the globe. Now, imagine each foot of that coastline having five of these grocery bags washed up onto it. These floating pieces of plastic end up entangling many marine animals. These bags are also easily mistaken for food by sea turtles and other wildlife, causing animals to ingest them, resulting in serious health issues, choking, and suffocation. Since the bags to do not sink and are left floating for hundreds of years due to an inability to degrade, that means the risks associated with them are long lasting. Learn more about how plastic disposable bags affect the ocean and other environmental concerns associated with them by clicking on the following infographic.
halo  branded solutions

VEXA 500 Electric Bike

The VEXA500 is a feature-packed electric bike that allows riders to own an affordable, green form of transportation that helps lessen their carbon footprint. College kids, daily commuters, and cyclists everywhere can all benefit from the multitude of VEXA500’s features, which include:
  • A powerful 500-watt electric motor
  • 3 different speeds reaching up to 20 mph
  • Telescoping hydraulic front forks
  • Bike saddle that seats two riders, holding up to 350 pounds
  • Built-in alarm system and key fob
  • Locking battery housing
  • Two fold-down storage platforms, perfect for grocery trips or beach days
The VEXA500 is the perfect alternative to an expensive new car or motorcycle and has the most features for the most affordable price. They are now available on Indiegogo for $549, which is $346 less than the market retail value.