Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lucid Brake - A must have for all Bikers

Safer Biking with Patent Pending Wireless Brake Light
Brilliant LED Light Visible from ½ Mile 

Smart Light Detects Stopping Motion with 4 Beacon/Brake Modes 
Press-on, No Installation Needed with Tough “Dual Lock” Fasteners

, creator of the first smart wireless bike brake light, announced today that it will give 20% of all pre-order sales ofLucidBrake at to HIV/AIDS awareness and research. Until July 2015, LucidBrake is donating 20% of every pre-order to AIDS/Lifecycle: Ride to End AIDS, the annual 7-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness of HIV/AIDS, held May 31-June 6, 2015
The LucidBrake wireless press-on safer biking brake light is now available for pre-order after recently completing its successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, with pricing of $50 until July 2015 (normally $74.99). Early-birds can order the patent-pending smart brake light that cansave lives through safer biking and also help fight HIV/AIDS at the same time through LucidBrake’s support for AIDS safety awareness and research.
“I realized one day that I could make bikers safer on the road. Prevention is 100% better than healing broken bones. I have family members who ride bikes and I have family members who are gay.  I care about them and want to make all families safer. What better way than giving to AIDS/Lifecycle?” said LucidBrake Inventor and Founder, John Craig, longtime author of Microsoft books.
Safer Biking with LucidBrake with 8 Ultra-Bright LEDs
Visible up to a ½ mile away, the 
LucidBrake smart ultra-bright LED brake light provides safer biking so cars, other bikers, and pedestrians can see you braking, slowing down, or stopping -- even at a distance. LucidBrake detects and shows motion with 8 LEDs that  blink as you move and alert solid when you stop (just like a car’s brake lights), showing the difference between slowing down and abruptly stopping with 4 beacon modes (flashing, fast flashing, solid, off) and 2 braking indicators (sudden and normal).  The smart brake light detects slow and stopping motion using all 3 axes of acceleration signals (right/ left, up/down, backwards/forwards), filtering out road bumps, grades, angles, and normal cycling movements.
LucidBrake can be used on bikes, boats, jet skis, skateboards, wheelchairs, scooters, helmets, and even  backpacks. LucidBrake requires no installation and no wiring.  It quickly attaches with press-on 3M fastener material -- tough enough to hold up metal siding on buildings in extreme outdoor weather conditions. 
Lucid Brake Features:
  • Ultra bright brake light visible from ½ mile away at night and ¼ mile in the day to prevent cyclists’ injuries.
  • Easy to install, no wiring needed. Presses on securely with tough dual-lock fasteners.
  • Patent-pending innovative design.
  • Flat back allows it to mount onto multiple surfaces, backpacks, helmets, etc.
  • 4 different beacon modes (flashing, fast flashing, solid, off) with modes aligning to the E.U. laws (off or dimmed tail-light).
  • Angled cover design increases degree of visibility.
  • Brake light has two speeds:  normal and emergency.
  • Brake Light Indicator:
    • No pressing a pedal or button necessary.
    • Knows when going over bumpy roads, down a hill, or really slowing down.
    • Adjusts to the mounting angle.
    • Flashes more intensely when stopping suddenly, alerting others.
  • No on/off switch: automatically goes into sleep mode when not in use or by changing the position of the unit or storing in flat or horizontal position.
  • Long battery life of over 1 year with 2 AAA batteries.
  • Waterproof :  operates under water for biking in rain or snow, for boating, or other aquatic uses.
  • Lightweight:  under 2 oz. total weight (including batteries).
  • Many other creative non-bicycle uses possible - such as at the end of long truck or car loads.
Pricing & Availability – Shipping in Time for Summer 2015 Cycling Season
After successful completion of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, LucidBrake is now available for pre-order for the summer cycling season with discounted pricing of $50 until July at (normally $74.99), shipping July 2015. For more information, see the, Twitter @LucidBrake, Facebook: , YouTube:
About LucidLights, LLC 
Founded in 2007, LucidLights, LLC designs innovative smart LED lighting technology for safer living. LucidLights ™ are hand-held, oscillating light devices that use persistence of vision to paint bright images (text or graphic) in thin air, stopping people in their tracks with their novel brilliance.  In 2013, LucidLights created prototypes for LucidBrake and with the help of a successful crowd-funding campaign, produced their first production run. The new LucidBrake is set to ship in July 2015 with a more advanced algorithm for how and when it turns off and more advanced beacon modes, as well as modes that comply with German E.U. rules of the road.  For more information, see
This post is a Press Release that I received concerning LucidLights. I received no payment to post this release. I personality think these are amazing and are a excellent way to be safe for all bikers.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How Women May Be The Difference Makers In Business Leadership

Did you know that per the Gallup: Only 18 Percent Of Companies Hire The Right Managers

Businesses do a poor job picking managers to lead their employees, collectively costing companies billions of dollars each year, according to a recent Gallup report titled “State of the American Manager.”
The report is based on more than “four decades of extensive talent research, a study of 2.5 million manager-led teams in 195 countries, and analysis from measuring the engagement of 27 million employees.”
The research yields a striking failure rate – 82 percent – when it comes to how well companies select their managers.
“On the plus side, with such an abysmal success rate in hiring managers, we can reasonably expect improvement in the workforce,” says Debora McLaughlin, CEO of The Renegade Leader Coaching and Consulting Group (, and author of “Running in High Heels: How to Lead with Influence, Impact & Ingenuity.” 
“More importantly, Gallup points out what many of us have known for decades – that including more women in leadership positions will reliably improve conditions within an organization’s work culture.”
An important criterion for how success is measured in management is engagement, where women have a decided advantage. Those who work for female managers are, on average, six percentage points more likely to be engaged, and those who work for female managers outscore employees of male managers on 11 of 12 engagement items.
“While I am a strong advocate for women in leadership positions, I think it’s safe to say that all of us, no matter our gender, have room to improve our management skills,” says McLaughlin, an executive and business coach who offers insight into achieving management goals.
•  Rigidity won’t help you retain top talent; be open. The ideal management style for today’s business climate is evolving. The traditional top-down hierarchal structure is giving way in favor of a more collaborative team approach. That means being open to communication, empathy and encouraging inspiration in employees.
“In my years as a business coach, I’ve had to convince men that a strictly hierarchal approach is often a company’s demise,” McLaughlin says. “Retaining and encouraging talent today means I emphasize open communication, empathy and employee inspiration.”
•  Encourage engagement by focusing on an employee’s strengths or positive characteristics. Of course, emphasizing someone’s positive traits doesn’t require you to ignore areas that could or should be improved. Clearly, if an employee is severely underperforming, then that must be addressed. However, if you can assume your employees are at least competent, then be proactive with your praise. Expressing positive reinforcement toward their tangible contributions has an empowering effect that will yield greater ownership of their roles.
“For many, this positive reinforcement may mean encouraging employees to be themselves,” McLaughlin says. “Our natural talents are freer to flow when we aren’t battling ourselves.” 
•  Too many exceptional women succumb to ‘off-ramping.’ Multiple studies have found that, on a woman’s path to the C-suite, she faces an abundance of “off-ramp” options – life decisions that take her off her career path. And, since the recession, the “on-ramps” have become scarce. According to a 2010 study from the Center for Work Life Policy, 73 percent of women trying to return to work after a voluntary timeout for childcare or other reasons had trouble returning to work or finding a job.
“This can lead to a cascade of resulting problems, such as reduced pay for women when they return  or not off-ramping in the first place, which tends to yield an over-burdened lifestyle,” McLaughlin says. “This is a developing issue with more studies to be completed. However, I believe companies that are accommodating to a woman’s familial needs, for example, are ultimately helping themselves by retaining proven talent, promoting loyalty and preempting the uncertainty of a new hire.”
About Debora McLaughlin
Debora McLaughlin is the best-selling author of “The Renegade Leader: 9 Success Strategies Driven Leaders Use to Ignite People, Performance and Profits.” Her new book, “Running in High Heels: How to Lead with Influence, Impact & Ingenuity,” is a how-to leadership companion for women in business. She is CEO of The Renegade Leader Coaching and Consulting Group ( As a certified executive coach, McLaughlin helps business owners, executives and managers nationwide ignite their inner renegade leader to unleash their full potential, drive their visions and yield positive results, both in business and in life. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Project Animal Farm by Sonia Faruqi

 I will be reading this book and looking forward to finding answers to so many of my questions!

Project Animal Farm: An Accidental Journey into the Secret World of Farming and the Truth About Our Food (July 15, 2015). Project Animal Farm 
discusses the environmental impacts of agribusiness, including climate change, pollution, and conservation. The book is perfectly relevant to your blog’s topics of interest and I am e-mailing you to bring it to your attention and urge you to cover it.

Project Animal Farm traces Sonia’s journey investigating animal farms around the world, toward the aim of benefiting animals, human health, and the environment. The book has received more than 20 endorsements, including from J.M. Coetzee, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, and John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods. 
The book is praised as “a seminal work of investigative journalism” with “the power to alter the course of history.” 
It reads like a novel and educates like a textbook. 

Read the Prologue, and learn more at

Friday, May 22, 2015

Green Travel Tips for the Eco-Friendly Traveler

Taking an eco-conscious trip isn’t as difficult as it may sound at first. With small changes to your itinerary and travel preferences, you can remain environment-friendly on your next vacation.

1. Whenever you can, opt to walk instead of taking a car. Not only is walking good for both you and the environment, but you’ll be better able to see your surroundings. If you have to rent a vehicle, opt for a hybrid car.

2. Taking a long road trip? Don’t rent a gas-guzzler. Instead, ask for a small car with good mileage. Whenever possible, take public transportation instead of driving.

3. When sightseeing and exploring parks, follow this rule: don’t leave anything other than footprints and don’t take anything other than photographs. For example, when you eat, bring your wrappers and garbage with you to dispose of them properly.

4. Look for tours that promote themselves as green. Some tours book only small groups because they have less of an impact on the environment. Also, some tour companies do their part for the environment by getting involved in green initiatives in the community.

5. Make it a point to book a room at environment-friendly hotels in Chicago.

6. When snorkeling, don’t make contact with the coral, because this can damage the ecosystem. Also, look for a sunblock that’s reef-safe so as not to disrupt or damage the coral and other sea life.

7. Never buy products or eat anything that’s made with or from endangered species.

8. Find out the local laws before you embark on a hike. Stay on marked trails to preserve the environment, stay far from any creatures you encounter, and don’t throw trash on the ground. Also, never set a campfire in a place where one is not permitted; when you do make a fire, be sure it’s fully extinguished before leaving the campsite.

No matter what part of the world you’re visiting, whether it’s a jungle, mountaintop or city, you can do your part to go green and protect the environment. Launches “School Scores”

New feature helps home buyers with children make better buying decisions.®, a leading online real estate search destination, has
created School Scores, a ranking system to help buyers and sellers find and compare local school information. Since younger home buyers consider school quality to be a key decision point, this new feature lets consumers make more informed decisions when searching for their next home.

Aligned with the mandate of making the home buying process easier, this newly released school ranking system helps consumers determine the caliber of schools in their search area. The School Score is calculated from state test performance data of public schools, and assigns a letter from A+ to D based on rank.

To determine the ranking, state test scores for an individual public school are compared to other public schools in that state with the same education level.
“With young families and millennial home buyers placing a higher value on homes located near quality schools, is focused on making their buying process easier by offering useful tools and information to make better purchasing decisions,” states Dave Mele, president of “’s School Scores give potential buyers a quick view of how local
schools compare to other schools in the same area.” School Scores are available for almost 3 million sale and rental properties. Start your search at