Sunday, November 23, 2014

Haywire Group Game Night

Every year we like to start the holidays with new games to play. Movie night in December we listen to Christmas music and play a new game.  This year we are super excited to give our two new Haywire games a try.

Dicecapades!® 2nd Edition

This is a perfect game for our family. We like acting silly ~ LAUGHING is a must do activity while playing games. Silly and also a Brain Exercise!  Fun Game!!
With a mixture of dice games, physical challenges, artistic creations, and trivia questions that will exercise both sides of your brain this is the perfect game for all ages. 

Bodydoodles fits our family. My family has lots of tattoos. Me and the young kids are the only ones without tattoos. Since we all like to draw this will be hilarious! 
I can hardly wait to pick Caleb to draw on. He is so not out of the box...playing Bodydoodles will definitely be a 
fun game night.
Super easy to play!
#1 - Take a Doodle Card
#2 - Take a Body Card
#3 - Pick the player your want to ink!
Everyone tries to guess what the tattoo is and the person with the correct answer will earn one point. The person with the most points WINS!
Bodydoodles The Tattoo Guessing Game 
is the 
WINNER of the 2014 Creative Child Game of the Year Award
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Do you have a weekly family game night?


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Getting ready for Christmas Parties with my Poinsettia Party Kit

This is my favorite time of year. I love to decorate and entertain. We have numerous Christmas parties with friends and family.  I even enjoy bringing festive products to work for treats. One way to reduce stress and make my parties a little easier is I have found the best way to ensure I have all of my holiday paper ware.  Wholesale Party Supplies makes it so easy and their prices are reasonable. They have several designs to choice from and all are great prices. 
For one of my parties with friends I ordered the Poinsettia Party Kit ~ service for 18. The party kit has 18 of small plates, 18 large plates - 36 large napkins, 24 plastic silverware, 18 cups and streamers.
Perfect to entertain a few friends the first weekend in December. We are planning a small get together to start the holiday season off. It is a bring a appetizer to pass party. I am supplying the paper ware and wine. Each friend is bringing a fancy appetizer. What is really nice is that all it takes is one order and everything is delivered to my door. It is nice that they have complete sets perfect for all of our Christmas Parties. With the sets I don't forget anything. I can not begin to tell you how many times I have forgotten plates or napkins for a party. Now all I have to do is buy the wine, put on some Christmas Music and my job is done. Except clean the house - gosh I wish I could order a house cleaning as easy as I can order my party paper ware. 

Do you like to entertain for the holidays?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

6 Theme Ideas for Your Bathroom

When you feel like your home needs a little pick-me-up, but you don't have a huge budget or a lot of time, redecorate your bathroom with a new theme. Seriously, it's the smallest room in the house, so it takes the least effort, and you can redecorate it without spending a fortune. Plus, it's one room everyone uses and most of your guests will see at least once. Below are a few popular themes you can introduce or use for inspiration. 

 1. Spa - You really can't go wrong with creating a spa-like environment in your bathroom. At least you will have a place you love going to when you need to escape the chaos of the house. Ethanol fireplaces are essential for this type of bathroom. You can buy a wall-mounted ethanol fireplace from stores like Pro Home Stores that will be completely out-of-the-way. You could also choose a tabletop variety. Add some bamboo elements, natural fabrics, and plants, and you're all set. 

 2. Tropical - Your bathroom is a water environment, so an aquatic theme makes sense. Turn your bathroom into a space that reminds you of a beach vacation only without the sand and sun. 

 3. Under the Sea - There is just something fun about fish. Decorating your bathroom with bright, colorful fish is a look that will never go out of style. You will probably never get bored with it either. You may also choose to skip the fish and stick with dolphins. Don't forget seashells, too! 

 4. Cape Cod Style - For a charming cottage-like bathroom, get inspired by New England's iconic style. White is traditionally paired with red, blue, and yellow, but the shades are generally muted, not bright. Wall panels and beadboard wainscoting are used as wall treatments. Sailboats and lighthouses are accents of choice in a Cape Cod bathroom. 

 5. Monkeys - If you have young children, they are sure to love a monkey theme. There is really no reason why monkey d├ęcor is popular right now other than the fact that they are smart and intriguing animals. You can find everything you need in a monkey theme, including towels, soap holders, shower curtains, etc. 

 6. Country - The great thing about the bathroom is it's rarely visible from other rooms. So, you can have a contemporary home and get away with a country style bathroom. Country doesn't have to mean rooster accessories and red-checkered curtains either. You can create a classic white vibe with light neutral colors and natural materials like stone, wood, and slate. Add a claw-foot tub, burnished faucets, and antiqued light fixtures. Use an old chest of drawers as a vanity. Store cotton balls and other items in old apothecary bottles, and mount an antique mirror on the wall for a timeless look.

Show me the KWAN Word Game

Have you heard of SHOW ME THE KWAN word game?????

It's not quite a board game, definitely not a video game, and a whole lot of fun! It plays very quickly and works for any number of players (ages 10+ - can be slightly younger if simple spelling of words is not frustrating).

Show Me the Kwan is a fast-paced, dice rolling, word game. Given the chosen category the players must call out fitting words where either the first, second or last letter correspond to the lettered dice that were rolled. Each dice has an assigned point value. At the end of the 1 minute round, all players must count their points 
on the dice they collected. 

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