Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates

With our children grown and out on their own my husband and I wanted to  do something each holiday that was special and just for us. 

About 7 years ago we started making sure that we have a special treat each night from Thanksgiving till Christmas.

When I was asked to review Mrs. Cavanaugh's famous chocolates I knew her chocolates would be a perfect start for our 2014 holiday season.

I received a 9 oz box of chocolates and 4 chocolate truffle bars.  We not only got great tasting chocolate my husband also got a chocolate chart in the box. By the markings on the top of the piece of candy you can look up the candy piece and tell what is inside. 

My husband loves having a candy guide. I laugh because I asked him which piece of chocolate on the candy guide do you not like. He smiled and said "I like them all."  I laughed and said "Then why do you want to know what is inside each piece". He smiled again and said "Because I do."

There is something about being able to tell what is inside that he really likes. 

My first piece was the Turtle.  DELICIOUS! Hubby had the Raspberry Cream - DELICIOUS!
Each night after supper we will take out the box of candies and each pick a piece. 

Each piece of Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates are made from
scratch using fresh cream and butter. Only fresh ingredients are used to make each piece of chocolate. 

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Most Famous Assortment is available in 1lb. 2 lb. & 3 lb. boxes. She even offers a Create a Box - you can pick up to 4 different types of candies to fill your one to five pound box. 

For my readers Mrs. Cavanaugh's is offering a  Buy 1 lb Get 1 lb FREE of Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates you can use the promo code: usfamily2014 
Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates would make a excellent holiday gift. 
Do you have a special holiday tradition just for you and your spouse?

Friday, November 28, 2014

A Lifetime on the Wall

Those who choose the military for a career accept a lot of sacrifices. It is not uncommon over a 30-year career for a career military man or woman to serve in more than 15 duty stations. In addition, they may have temporary duty and assignments with an additional dozen or more units or to serve in many other locations. 

One of the compensating factors for this travel and service is the many friends made and

experiences enjoyed during a career. Over time, every military person begins accumulating a wide variety of patches, plaques, photos and other items that serve as reminders of those times and acquaintances. In fact, Marines memorabilia will often occupy an entire wall of a long-serving Devil Dog. Often called a “Love Me Wall,” this collection of items tells the story of a honorable life of service in a space of about four by eight feet.

Unique patches and plaques are a significant part of each unit’s history and esprit de corps. Even in bars and other gathering places around the globe, visitors will often find hundreds of these patches on the walls, remembrances of visits by members of those peripatetic groups of soldiers, sailors and Marines. For those who leave the patches, they leave with just one more story about ports visited, battles fought, and friends made and lost. Those who serve receive medals and other recognition, but it is the unit patch that is often worn on a worn out jacket until their last days.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Haywire Group Game Night

Every year we like to start the holidays with new games to play. For our weekly family game nights in December ~ we listen to Christmas music and play a new game.  This year we are super excited to give our two new Haywire Group games a try.

Dicecapades!® 2nd Edition

This is a perfect game for our family. We like acting silly ~ LAUGHING is a must do activity while playing games. Silly and also a Brain Exercise!  Fun Game!!
With a mixture of dice games, physical challenges, artistic creations, and trivia questions that will exercise both sides of your brain this is the perfect game for all ages. 

Bodydoodles fits our family. My family has lots of tattoos. Me and the young kids are the only ones without tattoos. Since we all like to draw this will be hilarious! 
I can hardly wait to pick Caleb to draw on. He is so not out of the box...playing Bodydoodles will definitely be a 
fun game night.
Super easy to play!
#1 - Take a Doodle Card
#2 - Take a Body Card
#3 - Pick the player your want to ink!
Everyone tries to guess what the tattoo is and the person with the correct answer will earn one point. The person with the most points WINS!
Bodydoodles The Tattoo Guessing Game 
is the 
WINNER of the 2014 Creative Child Game of the Year Award
Free shipping at Haywire games til Dec 31 Think gifts, game night, time with friends 
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Do you have a weekly family game night?


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Getting ready for Christmas Parties with my Poinsettia Party Kit

This is my favorite time of year. I love to decorate and entertain. We have numerous Christmas parties with friends and family.  I even enjoy bringing festive products to work for treats. One way to reduce stress and make my parties a little easier is I have found the best way to ensure I have all of my holiday paper ware.  Wholesale Party Supplies makes it so easy and their prices are reasonable. They have several designs to choice from and all are great prices. 
For one of my parties with friends I ordered the Poinsettia Party Kit ~ service for 18. The party kit has 18 of small plates, 18 large plates - 36 large napkins, 24 plastic silverware, 18 cups and streamers.
Perfect to entertain a few friends the first weekend in December. We are planning a small get together to start the holiday season off. It is a bring a appetizer to pass party. I am supplying the paper ware and wine. Each friend is bringing a fancy appetizer. What is really nice is that all it takes is one order and everything is delivered to my door. It is nice that they have complete sets perfect for all of our Christmas Parties. With the sets I don't forget anything. I can not begin to tell you how many times I have forgotten plates or napkins for a party. Now all I have to do is buy the wine, put on some Christmas Music and my job is done. Except clean the house - gosh I wish I could order a house cleaning as easy as I can order my party paper ware. 

Do you like to entertain for the holidays?